Student Faculty and Staff Password Reset Portal

Sampson Community College's Password Portal

Please login using your Student/Colleague ID only.

Example: Sampson Student --- sstudent1234 (first initial, last name, last 4-digits of your College ID)

Example: Sampson Staff --- sstaff (first initial, last name)

College security policies state that passwords must be changed every 90 days.

To comply with these policies:

•All faculty, staff, and students must know their Colleague/Student ID. It is 7 characters in length (Example: 1234567). If the ID is only 6 or fewer in length, please place leading zeros on the ID (Example: 123456 -> 0123456).

•Use “Enroll ->>>> To Secure Your Identity” in order to further protect your account. Enroll before current password expires.

•Use "Change Your Password" if your account's current password is known and prior to expiration.

•Use "Reset Your Password" to change your password after expiration and re-enable your account. Accounts will be disabled if the password is not changed prior to expiration.

If your account becomes disabled and you could not complete the questions in the "Reset Your Password" section, please contact the HelpDesk or 910-592-8081 ext. 2519.